FLEX - Kulturzentrum Kunst- u Kulturverein U.S.W.

Am Donaukanal / Abgangasse Augartenbrücke, 1010 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Am Donaukanal / Abgangasse Augartenbrücke
1010 Vienna
+43 1 5337525open now

31 reviews for FLEX - Kulturzentrum Kunst- u Kulturverein U.S.W.

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  • Toni M.
    • 3
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    • 05. Aug 2010

    .) amazing soundsystem
    .) nice toilets
    .) hipster spot
    .) best in summer, because you can sit outside

    .) rude bouncers
    .)drinks are too expensive
    .) bar staff ist very unfriendly

  • Mantis
    • 44
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    • 02. Sep 2008

    The Flex has been a perfect spot to hang out for ages. Now it´s just a average club with very unkind security guys and a average program.

    Fluc is the new Flex!

    • The acoustic inside the flex is unbeaten still. Fluc is more a flex lite with vintage speakers.

      At least thats what my experience from fluc wanne is, crappy sound.

    • Actually i´m not going to a club for the sound system. I go there because of the party.

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  • martin
    • 16
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    • 10. May 2008

    What used to be a very cool and alternative (punkrock) spot at Viennas Arndtgasse has turned into a mainstream location that now caters local hipsters rather than the "real alternative scene". Usually far too crowded and hot, and no more punkrock gigs (ah, how I miss Boiler Live Pool). But then again, maybe it's just me getting old.

  • xrichardx
    • 13
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    • 17. Feb 2007

    probably the best known club in vienna... yes, that means a lot of stupid folk hanging around. but there have been some very good shows and a big plus is that usually you know that you'll get to see the show from start to end AND get the last underground. can't stress that point enough

  • Jurie
    • 218
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    • 23. Dec 2006

    Dude, I would tell you about one 'intimate crowd experience' I had at Flex but this is a family website. That one Kruder & Dorfmeister concert was the fullest place I've ever been in in my life - it even beat that night in the basement at Maria's Cantinas, with the 500 other people, and the fire act... I digress.

    So, um, yeah, usually it is not that full, and the sound is teh awesome. It's best to go in summer because you can drink outside, you can watch the sun come up after you are done dancing, and you don't need a coat (it once took me 30 minutes to get my coat from the coat check). Don't wear fancy clothes because no-one will be able to see them, they will get dirty, and you will stick out like a sore thumb among the punk / goth teenagers.

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 17. Dec 2006

    Vienna's most famous nightclub, known for it's extremely insane sound system. Live bands of all genres, world famous and not so famous DJ nights, lots of drunk and obnoxious tourists and sticky floors. Great place to see live bands when you're not looking for that intimate crowd experience. Sometimes a bit hard to get into (or go near) and they sometimes pack a live show together with an odd DJ night, forcing people to pay/enter, watch live show, exit, pay/enter, dance at the DJ event.

  • seth
    • 15
    • 30
    • 11. Dec 2006

    One thing you can't complain about is Flex's sound system (allegedly, the most powerful in all of Europe's discos). Standard events include Friday's "London Calling" and Saturday's "Wicked" as well as various drum and bass parties and somewhat commercial hardcore/punk shows. Things to look out for: [1] the ever-increasing macho, ass-crabbing contingent has caused many to re-consider further visits [2] the bouncers can be ferocious and over-aggressive, which tends to put a stain on an otherwise enjoyable evening [3] drinks are over-priced and the bar-tenders often plain rude [4] Flex is often beyond over-crowded, begging the question of fire-hazards.