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Laurenzerberg 2
1010 Vienna

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  • Ben Posch
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    Quite nice, just don't sit in the very front. The place is huge and has great atmosphere the further back you go. Not so much for the vegetarian in the family, though the pizza looked pretty good and most soft-core veggies will eat that.

  • Kno
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    • 17. Feb 2009

    A good atmosphere, Very - almost exceptionally - friendly staff and fair pricing. The place is huge and has a very authentic style to it, we were whole bunch of people from the office and service was up to it's feet.

    Definitely good to start an evening off with some drinks and good food, not so much the place to hang out til early morning hours.

  • schroettner
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    • 23. Mar 2008

    American restaurant with steaks, burgers and some Italian options (pasta, pizza). Great service but really pricy. Perfect for carnivores - but there are some vegetarian/vegan options as well. I've had the vegan version of the Veggie-Pizza. It wasn't that tasty, but okay.

  • Jurie
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    • 05. Jul 2007

    Went here again last night. The service was excellent, the guy running the non-smoking section (at least, on weekdays) has one of the best attitudes for a waiter I've seen in Vienna. The food was good, not great. Don't hold back and order your steaks rare - medium-rare won't get you the blood. The fries were too salty, but apart from that I had no complaints.

    The non-smoking section is a courtyard lit by daylight (it didn't used to be part of the restaurant proper). I personally prefer the interior, looks-wise, and their air conditioning, is quite good so you can hardly tell it's the smoking section. I may sit there next time.

    I forgot to mention they do excellent Thanksgiving dinners, both on Thanksgiving Thursday and on the Friday after that.

  • Jurie
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    • 23. Dec 2006

    Nice American restaurant near the Schwedenplatz. Pretty good steaks, has burgers and pizzas. One of the few places with decent coffee in Vienna (OMG blasphemy!). A bit pricy, nice ambience if you get the right table. Excellent Thanksgiving dinners.