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  • nobru
    • 5
    • 04. Jun 2012

    Don't know what is worst...
    -The overpriced low quality food.
    -The service
    -The staff behavior & language.

    Quite a disappointment was our last visit to Jalisco...
    Starting with the owner of the place running out of the location, standing in front of us and denying us to park on a free space in front of the location because it was 'reserved' for his wife's car. Not even a 'please' or 'sorry' just a NO as an answer.

    Then we wanted to sit on the Garden; and the owner said no way because he had to dry the tables and chairs. Just to be clear, yes it had rain like 30min before but the sky was clear blue, the door to the garden was open and the 'Garden Open' board was standing on the sidewalk just beside the front door.
    Instead he said we had to sit inside where there were not even lights on. (Have you ever tried to sit and eat on a dark with kids ?)

    Then the food....
    (when the food showed up we where allowed to sit on the Garden, after more people arrived ad when straight to it)
    so about the food... What can i say, I'm mexican, i know the A to Z of mexican food and though i understand ingredients are not the same on this side of the world, I definitely can achieve better results with normal supermarket ingredients at home. The beans, guacamole and sauces taste like a Santa Maria product, the chips are over-fried and definitely not on a very clean oil since you can barely taste the corn. Meat is hard, cheese doesn't taste at all, portions are small and full with salad to cause the impression of a big meal and getting extra tortillas will cost you like another meal. -Have you ever been in Mexico? well i tell you, tortillas are the main food product for us and every food should be served with a decent amount of them, definitely more than 3 per meal!

    The prices doesn't correspond to the food quality.

    Last but not least, it's shame that you have to come to Europe to listen to the worst Spanish's swearing and dirty talking about last night's party form the owner and friends at the bar just because they think none understands.

    Worst Mexican restaurant in Vienna. Avoid it!

  • Sini M.
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    • 17. Oct 2011

    Loved the food, especially the jalapeno poppers and homemade guacamole. Perfect choice for a lazy sunday night when recovering from a hard weekend, totally made my day.
    Service was not the fastest, and the decor might need a touch of new paint, but the thing that matters the most, the food, was awesome! 10euros is enough to get your tummy full.
    The place also has a lovely back garden and a daily happy hour!

    • 17. Jun 2011

    Anybody who has ever tried Mexican food in the US or in Mexico (or anyone who has an idea about decent food) should avoid this place. We came for lunch- the Fajitas are microwaved, the meat was tough, the dips lacked any kind of spice or flavour. Inside the place actually looks ok- maybe in the evening it's better. But someone else can try that out. Poor

  • p.bird
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    • 05. Jul 2009

    serving speed was actually quite slow, but we weren't in a hurry and enjoyed sitting in the schanigarten (and later inside when it started to rain) a lot. food was exceptionally good, i loved every bit of it.

    definitely a recommendation!

  • Maven
    • 12
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    • 11. Feb 2009

    A friend recently asked for restaurant recommendations from a Mexican colleague working in Vienna. As all of us are big fans of food from south of the border, so we thought we'd check out a few places on the list; so far, we haven't gotten past the first: Jalisco! (Hint: Chef's name is Miguel. He is also the owner)

    Located in Vienna's 4th District (Favoritenstraße 58), this little restaurant is a must for anyone looking for the real deal. Authentic is an understatement. We usually like to drop in right after 6PM, for Happy Hour (half price cocktails), which runs everyday.

    The colorful and welcoming atmosphere is sure to remind you of your favorite Mexican restaurant. Don't be fooled by the place's location outside downtown, or the lackluster exterior: the food, cocktails, and atmosphere inside more than make up for a few minutes on the u-bahn.

    If you're like me, perhaps you get stuck in a rut at Mexican restaurants, and are especially wedded to one dish. A friend from Texas recently put it bluntly, however: try everything on the menu--it's only going to be a slight variation of the same basic thing.

    While I agree with that sentiment, I'll stick with the crunchy texture of Jalisco's deep-fried chicken flautas.

  • Scotty The Body
    • 82
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    • 13. Aug 2008

    I've been here, literally, dozens of times and it's always very good. The claim on Mexican food is tentative at best -- they simply "Austrianize" a bit too much. HOwever, a few dishes are quite good and, until my last visit, they've traditionally had the best, freshest guacamole in the city. It's just a pity that they sometimes succumb to the Vienna plague of stale tortilla chips.

    The back garden is a treasure in the 4th, and the service/owners are always very friendly.

    Happy hour cocktails are a bargain and the margaritas are the second or third best in the city.

    As far as "standard" Mexican restaurants, this place is the best. The only better ones are more casual: Tacos Lopez and Fresco Grill.

  • zeha
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    • 06. Jul 2008

    Food is halfway okay, Drinks are nice. Serving speed is ++

  • Jurie
    • 218
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    • 25. May 2007

    One of the best Mexican restaurants in Vienna - legend has it the only one with a Mexican cook. The food is great, so are the prices. They have a huge outdoor area in the back.