Lena & Laurenz Essgeschäft

Schönbrunnerstrasse 82, 1050 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Schönbrunnerstrasse 82
1050 Vienna
+43 664 9113971

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  • Absinthe
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    • 25. Nov 2008

    I finally made it there! And it was yummy and cosy and the staff is extremely friendly and offered my company cinnamon for the dessert - because it tastes so much better with cinnamon.
    Speaking of desserts - the brownie tiramisu is to die for. As well as the sandwiches. The ones I've had so far were more than delicious. Very different from the pre-packed ones at Billa&Co.
    Has become one of my favorites immediately.

  • mahali
    • 58
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    • 23. Oct 2008

    they have two vegan sandwiches...and they also got bionade ;-)

    really nice staff, i remember when they didn't write on the menu which sandwiches were vegan (i believe they had just started then) and they asked in the kitchen for me if the bread was also vegan (you never know ;-)) friend of mine once totally confused one of them, took them quite a time to figure out how much change she'll get...

    and yes, they're not cheap...

  • last_shit
    • 84
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    • 16. Aug 2008

    lena & laurenz is a nice "healthy snack"-shop. the interior is quite trendy and nice. but the food - well, I had a sandwich which tasted okay and a yoghurt with mango which was really, really good. BUT it was too expensive, so I never went back to that place. even though they gave me a coffee for free. still, really overpriced. makes me sad.

  • Helge
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    • 23. Nov 2007

    Nice, boboesque, good food. Somehow over-priced for lunch takeaway sandwiches.

  • Thomas W.
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    • 14. Sep 2007

    NIce people, nice environment and an excellent dressing for the gorgonzola salad. Things are fresh, juices from Burgenland are delicious, yet I believe a little bit more variety on the menu and in the frigdes cannot hurt.

    Bottom line: How Bobos have lunch these days...

  • kommen
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    • 07. Jun 2007

    Lena & Laurenz is super! I guess I buy there something at least 5 times a week.

    The thing I like best are the yummy yogurts.

  • Jethred A.
    • 25
    • 24. Apr 2007

    L&L brings the Prêt-à-Manger concept to Vienna (yeah, I know, years after just about everywhere else in Europe).

    My money is on this finally exploding over the next year and becoming the next sushi: something that it took ages for Austrians to get into, and then suddenly became impossible to get away from.

  • DNL
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    • 13. Nov 2006

    i love lena und laurenz, they're always super nice and they even make sure there's enough "hummous und chips" sandwiches in the fridge in case i drop by randomly at lunch time.

    i've been today and to my delight found out there's a new vegan sandwich out...it has grilled aubergine, olives and pomodore. and tofu of course. nice touch!

    the place is also super stylish in my opinion. top.

  • melanie
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    • 26. Oct 2006

    L&L is a "food store" that serves fresh and creative sandwiches (vegans, you will want to get sandwich number 13 and wash it down with a soy latte), salads and other snacks. hang out or take out.