Buchhandlung Lia Wolf Lia Wolf

Sonnenfelsgasse 3/2a, 1010 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Sonnenfelsgasse 3/2a
1010 Vienna
+43 1 5124094open now

4 reviews for Buchhandlung Lia Wolf Lia Wolf

  • melanie
    • 400
    • 207
    • 22. Jun 2010

    a must see and visit for everybody interested in design, art and photography! the beautiful store houses shelves and tables full of books, and one could spend hours in this store and there would still be more books to discover. the helpful owner gladly helps with navigating through the masses of titles and knows her shit. truly wonderful.

  • last_shit
    • 84
    • 30
    • 14. Jul 2008

    really, you should only enter this store if you have A LOT of time and money.

    being interested in graphic and design, I could spend hours and hours and hundrets of euros inside. lia has the hugest and best collection of art-books, really! it's a wonderful place, beautiful but dangerous! :)

  • c3o
    • 56
    • 44
    • 22. Feb 2007

    Best selection of design books in the city.

  • motmot
    • 4
    • 26. Jan 2007

    This is a great independent art and design bookstore you don't want to miss. Lea Wolf carries interesting and colorful books and magazines. Some are also in English.