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26 reviews for Taqueria Los Mexikas

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  • Pinkwhite15 P.
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    • 18. Sep 2012

    I love this place. I am from Mexico and the food tastes exactly the same than in home :) Love Love Love this place. If you want to try original mexican food go to this restaurant.

  • Dkdch2 D.
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    • 02. Apr 2011

    This "taqueria" is the worse place I have ever eaten tacos.
    The tacos doesn't taste and are very small. The prices are quite expensive. The place is too small. The waitress is not really nice. Why to eat there???
    I prefer to eat in Mexico or even in America, but to waste my time and money, no way!!!....
    BTW I'm mexican...

  • Oranjeb B.
    • 90
    • 14
    • 16. Feb 2011

    best mexican food i have had. ever. small and busy place, but oozes charm. very friendly and efficient service.

  • kenna
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    • 3
    • 19. Dec 2010

    Small, cosy, friendly resaurant with some great Mexican food. Decor and atmosphere add to the experience. Been there three times in the last few months, and can say that this is easily the best Mexican food in Vienna.

  • Ta.Ta.Ta.
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    • 01. Sep 2010

    i love it! when it comes to the food, i think everything has been said in the reviews already. it's great and not overpriced. besides the delicious meals, the thing that gets me the most is the atmosphere. the restaurant is small but very colourful and welcoming. and even if i wouldn't go there for the food, i would totally go there for the people who run this place - they are just unbelievably nice and really seem to be very passionate about what they are doing.

  • Simian23 S.
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    • 01. Sep 2010

    Basically, I concur with all previous reviews. Excellent, authentic Mexican food. It is better than Tacos Lopez, mainly because the restaurant is nicer and cleaner, and the people are wonderful. Get reservations for dinner though. We went on a random Tuesday night and it was packed. They had to turn people away. Lunch is also EXCELLENT. Go for the set menu and you won't be disappointed. Great home cooked meals from passionate people.

    They speak pretty decent German, too, so not just for English or Spanish speakers!

  • nobru
    • 5
    • 30. Aug 2010

    Best Mexican restaurant in Vienna so far.

    The barbacoa soup/tacos and tacoas al pastor are a must if you are looking for what the mexicans really eat back there.

    Also they offer a really nice selection of typical dishes plus some authentic mexican home food. Top ingredients, amazing maiz tortillas, everything taste like back home!

    Please guys keep the level !

  • essiegabi
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    • 30. Aug 2010

    Authentic Mexican food, not with the usual American influences, great cocktails and friendly staff. A drink may be forgotten, or you do get sour cream on your food when you specifically asked to leave the cream out. Still: a hot spot! I'll be back for more.

  • antifuchs
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    • 28. Aug 2010

    Nothing to add to all the other reviews other than the restaurant even smells delicious. Really friendly staff, delicious (no, deliciousest) food, and great atmosphere. Portion size is just perfect if you want three courses and not feel super-stuffed afterwards.

    Looking forward to going back there.

  • Michael K.
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    • 24. Aug 2010

    Quite likely the best Mexican restaurant in Vienna. The food's really good, portions could be a tiny bit bigger though. Service was fantastic, when my girlfriend asked for a snack that wasn't on the menu they actually prepared it for her and didn't charge for it!

    I'm already looking forward to my next visit!

  • Thelagun T.
    • 1
    • 13. Aug 2010

    The best of the best. Mauricio's dream came true. This is the best Mexican restaurant and the staff is just great. Tnx !!!

  • Jgbeggs J.
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    • 15. May 2010

    Los Mexikas is without a doubt THE best Mexican food I have eaten in Vienna in my three years of searching for REAL Mexican food. I live in Arizona and we have some very good Mexican food. Los Mexikas was a real treat. The mole sauce was amazing. Once you try this place you will return. Staff is friendly and helpful if English is your only or first language. I am headed there tonight.

  • Kurt M.
    • 3
    • 10. Jan 2010

    This is it! I'm a native Texan who's been living in Vienna and craving authentic Mexican food since 2000. The guys at Los Mexikas do it right!

    They import crucial ingredients from Mexico, serve fresh guacamole, use authentic Mexican recipes, have a wide selection of Mexican beers, delicious margaritas, rare and authentic Mexican cocktails, Aguas Frescas, chelada and michelada, Mexican breakfast, mariachis on selected days.

    It's a little piece of authentic Mexico right in Vienna. I've eaten at just about every Mexican food restaurant in Vienna. Some are OK, some strive for the cool atmosphere, some are relaxed, some are horrible, but none compare to Taqueria Los Mexikas.

    The owner/cook loves what he's doing, and it shows. He's dedicated to serving the finest authentic Mexican dishes and drinks, and his dedication pays off for the diner.

    If you've only eaten at other Mexican food restaurants in Austria, you haven't experienced true Mexican food yet. Do yourself a favor and visit Los Mexikas to find out what it's really all about. You will not be disappointed. I'd give them 10 stars if I could!

    • 07. Jan 2010

    As a native of New Mexico, it was wonderful to find a restaurant in Vienna that serves authentic Mexican fare. The margaritas are awesome, and the tequila list is formidable. We keep going back again and again for the food and service. Highly recommended!

  • Benno M.
    • 3
    • 22. Oct 2009

    Nice little place - good food - nice drinks

  • Michaela R.
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    • 10. Oct 2009

    Great place - wonderful food - charming atmosphere!
    Highly recommended!!!

  • Scotty The Body
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    • 08. Oct 2009

    The new champion for Mexican cuisine in Vienna!

    I ate here with a large party consisting of two families. We had excellent, friendly service and an amazing amount of excellent food.

    We started with the totopos, crispy tortilla chips with three different delicious accompaniments.

    The kids had a delicious chicken soup and quesadillas.

    The adults sampled the chilaquiles (fried tortillas chips with green salsa and a perfectly-cooked flank steak), a lovely special shrimp dish with a sauce made from freshly-roasted chiles, an assortment of tacos including a delicious spicy sausage, and other delights.

    The margaritas are perfection and reasonably priced considering the punch they pack, and the buckets of iced Mexican beer are MOST welcome. Los Mexikas also cranks out chelada and mechelada, which are beer with lime and chilies and totally delicious.

    If you're familiar with the Mexican food scene here in Vienna, there are a handful of relatively fun and adequate spots, but only two serious contenders for delicious and authentic. Tacos Lopez and Los Mexicas. Of the two, Los Mexicas wins for a more varied and delicious menu and a more soulful, passionate approach to create good food.

  • Julian K.
    • 2
    • 26. Sep 2009

    A few words in english after in addition to my german review:

    Great small and very friendly restaurant with really authentic mexican food. Most likely you will find things in the menu( and off the menu if you ask the owner), you won't find anywhere else.
    The owner is also the cook and he cooks with real passion and love. Just ask him and listen to how he talks with shiny eyes about cooking and you know you can't be wrong here.

    Highly recommended!