Naturkost St. Josef

Zollergasse 26, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Zollergasse 26
1070 Vienna
+43 1 5266818

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  • Rily
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    • 12. Sep 2012

    Everybody writes that it's expensive here, however the salad bar is cheaper than the one in Yamm! (at Schottentor). If I remember it correctly the salad bar costs 1,79€/100 gramm and in Yamm! 2,40€. The salad bar in St. Josef's has only cold dishes, but you can take warm dishes from the menu.

  • imprints
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    • 26. Apr 2012

    Vegeterian, organic. Wonderful concept and principle and the food is pretty tasty as well. Pretty good.

  • Jay G.
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    • 08. Feb 2012

    I really like this place for fresh, quality vegan food. The only problem with it is it is a bit pricey for what are too small portions. But for a snack it is good enough (or if you don't mind paying more)

  • Kari S.
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    • 14. Oct 2011

    I'm very picky mexican used to great fresh food and this restaurant is one of the few I can suggest is worth to try it. The food is made with vegetarian/organic ingredients, well balanced (not carbs overload)not full of fat, and it tastes great! Personally I do not consider it overpriced because of the quality of the food.

  • Floor Drees
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    • 13. Jun 2011

    Naturkost St. Josef is a little market and lunchroom in one. You'll find the most amazing vegan thingies here. I went for the salatbar, but the vegan kebab looked pretty good as well. I will come back here. And next time, I'll take a bit of take-away with me as well.

  • Michael K.
    • 98
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    • 24. Aug 2010

    The salad bar's just great, especially the pumpkin is pretty amazing. The gluten burgers are really nice too, but all in all I find the place a bit too expensive. Consider this to be 3.5 stars.

  • melanie
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    • 19. Aug 2009

    portions got smaller, more expensive and less tasty. i have moved on to greener pastures.

  • Absinthe
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    • 26. Sep 2008

    Been there for the first time today and already like the whole atmosphere. The lunch menu comes in two sizes, which I really like, since I wouldn't have been able to finish the big plate. The food is very delicious, a bit spicy, a bit sweet.

    The shop seems to offer a wide range on vegetables, Naturkosmetik and yummy goods. Will definitely come back.

  • Jurie
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    • 26. Sep 2008

    Great place. Cosy atmosphere, good food (if you don't like the lunch menu, try the vegan burger) and kuchen, and you can shop for food as well.

    If only their name were easier to search for... Sankt Joseph? St. Joseph? Sankt Josef? :P

  • tomoegozen
    • 19
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    • 24. Aug 2008

    Great place- especially the salad buffet! I could eat there every day if my budget would allow it :)

  • last_shit
    • 84
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    • 13. Jul 2008

    this place is really cool. okay, it is a little overpriced, but hey, it's really good food and it's worth the price. there's a huge salad-buffet with an endless selection of precious food. everything's vegetarian and bio - and tasty too! beware of a vitamine-shock afterwards. a lovely place!!

  • c3o
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    • 30. Apr 2008

    On my recent first visit, I ordered the lunch menu (which conveniently comes in two sizes). However, I couldn't tell you exactly what that consisted of: Organic somethingorother with a side dish of all-natural whatchamacallit. Despite not being able to identify my food, it was all good once I had figured out which parts were sweet and which savoury.
    The atmosphere is just great, and I'll be sure to return for some more delicious mystery food soon. Or maybe next time I'll ask what it is.

  • motmot
    • 4
    • 23. Jan 2007

    St. Josef on Zollergasse in the 7th district is a great luch place for vegetarians and health concious people. Every day St. Josef surprises you with a delicious new menu, a great salat bar and fantastic cakes.

  • seth
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    • 26. Dec 2006

    Since my weekend Josef's crew have all chimed in, so will I! Don't let the catholic name scare you: St. Josef's serves the style of food you may (or may not) have read about in the Voluptuous Vegan cookbook. Last time, I had enchilada style wraps with fresh veggies topped with vegan cheese sauces and sour cream + bulgar wheat salad. The time before that I had dinkle burger patties topped with cream dressing and fresh parsley + a side salad with ranch. Whether it be lasagna, seitan steaks or creamy mushroom soup, Josef's is extremely healthy and delicious! Oh yeah, the service is nice too...but even if they beat me with a stick, I'd still come back.

  • melanie
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    • 05. Nov 2006

    i love everything about this place! the food is always delicious and fresh and always served with a smile.
    there is free water which is still a rare thing in austria.
    i feel so lucky to live so close to this place.

  • Mike
    • 201
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    • 31. Oct 2006

    St. Josef is my absolute favorite restaurant in Vienna. As Wolfgang D. says, the service is absolutely caring, the food always fresh and the atmosphere always warm and welcoming. The staff are wonderful, usually remembering you on your next visit.

    A bit pricey, but well well worth it. Their schnitzel burgers are famous for being a great takeaway snack. Their salad bar is off the chain, featuring tons of extremely fresh salads and healthy dishes to pile onto your plate.

    Also, their store is connected to their restaurant, so, all you have to do is eat a nice meal, pay (you can even pay AFTER you eat, how's that for respecting your clientèle?) , then walk over to the store and buy what you need for dinner. I'd give it 6-stars if I could!

  • Wolfgang D.
    • 50
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    • 31. Oct 2006

    The St. Josef is a unique place. Every time I go there I have the feeling I am with friends. Everybody is extremely friendly and forthcoming, the food seems to be prepared with love, not to mention that it is also tasty, organic, and fresh.
    Just be sure to get there before the noon rush. St. Josef seems to have many friends like me.

    • this place is really cool. okay, it is a little overpriced, but hey, it's really good food and it's worth the price. there's a huge salad-buffet with an endless selection of precious food. everything's bio - and tasty too! beware of a vitamine-shock afterwards.
      a lovely place!

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