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Naschmarkt Stand 510
1060 Vienna
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  • Floor Drees
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    • 23. Dec 2011

    The Tupalo-members-only christmas party took place at Neni. Had never been there before, but I'll definitely come here more often. Cute, cosey, warm and great food. And Wifi. And you can look into the kitchen, which I always enjoy. Next time I visit the Naschmarkt for grocery shopping, I'll stop by for a tea or a coffee!

  • last_shit
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    • 12. Jul 2009

    you feel that someone's really had a concept launching this spot. I really can't tell if that's a good or a bad thing - it might seem a little infertile there. I like the relaxed atmosphere of other naschmarkt spots, so that's missing here. but I also like spots that you feel, someone's had a lot of passion creating it.
    I'd say the food wasn't extraordinary or very different than at the places arounds that area.
    considering all I'd say it's still just another naschmarkt-restaurant - only much more conceived in all the details. but yes, it's a recommendation.
    ah, btw - they serve the same (as I think) bad coffee as at POS.

  • p.bird
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    • 28. May 2009

    i like the minimalistic but still somehow cosy look of neni. staff was exceptionally friendly and you can get breakfast until 2pm. the menu sounds very yummy and a little exotic and maybe i expected a little too much from it, but no matter what we got the two times i've been there, i was always a little disappointed. food was good, but i found the servings a bit too small for the price. when the menu says "homemade chream cheese with olives and bread" you get a tiny plate full of cream cheese, four tiny olives and (good) bread which comes in very small servings, so prepare always having to order extra bread.
    it's okay, food is good but i would have expected something a little more interesting for the price.

  • petru
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    • 08. Apr 2009

    If you want to be right in the middle of the Naschmarkt cafés, this is THE place. It is cosy, posh, central, and the food is really very nice.
    But: Staff is simply not very good. It takes ages for them only to take orders, if you are lucky enough to find somebody who is in charge. I actually thought the sentence "Kollege kommt gleich" died a few years ago. Unfortunately I was wrong.
    Maybe this is about to change, let´s hope for the best...

  • étoile
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    • 29. Mar 2009