nice rice SHOWTIME event

Mariahilfer Straße 45/Top 49/Raimundhof, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Mariahilfer Straße 45/Top 49/Raimundhof
1060 Vienna
+43 1 5862839open now

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  • imprints
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    • 11. Aug 2012

    Good, tasty vege food, it's in this ittle corridor/courtyard area. Staff quite pleasant and apart from any gawking passerbyers very nice to sit outside. Was not cheap though.

  • fadr
    • 21
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    • 23. Mar 2010

    Absolutely love this place. Cosy, small, nice and very good food.

  • Pepperdinepat
    • 49
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    • 02. Sep 2009

    Hard to tell what the ingredients are, but I like the lunch specials - changing tastes every day and that yummy ayurveda feeling afterwards ;) screaming wellness!

  • lilmy
    • 12
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    • 13. Feb 2009

    This is a cozy little place, tucked away from busy Mariahilfer Str. While the food was good, as all places serving "organic" food, it is a bit pricey for lunch (8.50) and they refuse to serve tab water, which in Vienna is a bit ridiculous and not so very sustainable, given that you make me purchase bottled water. Also, the staff are old school smokers, and the only ones in the restaurant that still do. But otherwise a fine place and I very much enjoyed the dessert - an eggless chocolate cake.

  • Kebi
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    • 03. Oct 2008

    Absolutely delicious oriental, vegetarian food. There's a daymenu incl soup of the day. Very comfy and nice atmosphere (although a bit small).

    In summer you can have your meal in a little, shadowy garden. Staff is very relaxed and friendly.

    You can formely feel that the chef Gitti is doing her job with love.

  • mariquita
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    • 24. Mar 2008

    Tiny, cosy restaurant that serves a small range of highly delicious vegetarian dishes. Especially the cakes (though only one or two kinds are offered at a time) are addictive.

    Service is friendly and attentive.

    Prices are very ok, given quality and atmosphere of the place.

    May be a bit hard to find, as you have to enter by a passage a court, pass through that and then find it on the righthand side in the (I think) next passage (but could also be just the third one, I'm not sure)

    If you go there in summer you may be seated in one of the courts which is really, really nice and very romantic.