Nirvana - the Indian Restaurant

Rotenturmstraße 16-18 im Durchgang, 1010 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Rotenturmstraße 16-18 im Durchgang
1010 Vienna

19 reviews for Nirvana - the Indian Restaurant

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  • Alice S.
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    Amazing Food, recommended: Mango-Papaya chicken Curry
    Good Service and value for Money! Love it

  • Grande Prix
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    • 08. Feb 2011

    Great restaurant with nice furniture.When you enter the restaurant, you can literally smell India.
    You get typical indian food in an excellent quality.
    Don´t miss this place!

  • amaterasu98
    • 81
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    • 29. Oct 2009

    Had the business lunch which was Mulligatawny (nice and spicy, but not too much) and a kind of "Punjabi chicken" with chickpea curry and rice. The food was very good, the waitress very friendly. Although she turned away two people who entered the place at 1:50pm, saying that the kitchen was already closed. I overheard her conversation with the chef, because two women wanted to order a dessert plate (they had been sitting at the place when I arrived at 1:30pm) and the chef wanted the waitress to tell the customers that the kitchen was closed, but she had already told the two ladies that customers, who had already had their lunch, would get dessert, too. I guess it worked out, although I left before dessert was served. I guess it would be really rude to tell customers they couldn't get a dessert although it wasn't even 2pm (and the place is open from 11:30am to 2pm on week days).

  • Mike
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    • 13. Aug 2009

    Food is amazing, but be prepared to wait.

    Absolutely one of the best Indian restaurants I've ever been to. Food is fresh, hot and spicy and always quite large portions. But be prepared to wait.

    With the outside seating, plus the indoor, the restaurant always has customers, but never enough waiting staff. The poor waitress is extremely nice, but always seems overwhelmed.

    But once you get your meals, it's all good. I highly recommend their chickpea curry and their samosas are also excellent!

    • ich muss auch meine letzte review ergänzen. die wartezeit ist erstaunlich lang

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  • Sonny S.
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    • 02. Sep 2008

    Excellent Indian food. Quality of food is great and price is right. Nice interior and very friendly service.

  • faultier
    • 39
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    • 07. Mar 2007

    very good indian restaurant with stylish interior.