Cocktailbar Kju

Währinger Gürtel Stadtbahnbogen 142-144, 1090 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Währinger Gürtel Stadtbahnbogen 142-144
1090 Vienna
+43 1 8045055open now

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  • Makukpcs M.
    • 1
    • 04. Dec 2011

    1 hour waiting. Bouncers let other people entering before you, so asking "why somebody comes first?!" replies "in Austria we speak German". Confirm other reviews. a tons of better places with better music. we're not your money, we're the people who let you can eat...

  • Michael G.
    • 50
    • 6
    • 03. May 2008

    Confirm other reviews. Nothing more to say.

  • fabbaz
    • 29
    • 9
    • 27. Mar 2007

    one of those spots always crowded on weekends, as if they would give away free t-shirts. which they don't, though. it's cocktails, and they're not for free. they're also not given, or at least brought, since of the soylent-green-like amount of people you have to fight your way to the bar and back on your own. agreeing with fabricci and c3o.

  • fabricci
    • 43
    • 32
    • 18. Mar 2007

    agree with c3o except i think the kids are not rich, they just pretent. plus they have bouncers that don't let you in if you are wearing sneakers a cap or if you just don't look the way the guys expects you to look.

    gosh, i hate this place.

  • c3o
    • 56
    • 44
    • 22. Feb 2007

    This is where you (don't) go to get immensely drunk, hit on rich kids and shake your ass to mainstream pop.