Restaurant FINKH

Esterhazygasse 12, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Esterhazygasse 12
1060 Vienna
+43 1 9138992

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  • MoInRotterdam
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    • 13. Dec 2012

    Today we had lunch here and I got a dish I cannot pronounce but it was a typical bachelor dish. I was thinking of giving 3 starts because I had my plate 10 minutes later and after al the men, what's not really polite. Little bit too salty for my taste but a very nice lunch.

  • mml
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    • 01. Dec 2009

    We had lunch there today, but I was not too impressed. There are no vegetarian lunch menu option, and today actually only one choice of vegetarian food in the whole menu: salad with feta.
    So I paid 8,20 for a very good beetroot soup and a salad that was medicore and left me hungry afterwards. My wifes salad with "Hühnerbruststreifen" had little "Kernöl". Also the apple juice was from Rauch, which is not a very good one. So overall a nice interior but mediocre food that costs too much.

  • AJ
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    • Vienna
    • 22. May 2009

    what should i say ... i think wow is the best word to describe it =)
    been there yesterday with two friends of mine and we were all very happy afterwards!

    simple interior, super friendly service, very nice to sit outside as it's quite a silent part of the esterhazygasse.

    but now let's talk about the food we had :)
    i had a "tafelspitzbouillon mit frittaten" and a "gemischter grüner salat mit hühnerbruststreifen in kürbiskernpanier". the soup was one of the best i've ever had. the salad was fresh, the meat perfect and the cook put a lot, and i mean a lot, of "kernöl" .. what i refer to as the black gold! ^^
    my friends had a "chili sin carne" and the "blutwurstgröstl". of course i tried their dishes too ;) the chili really tasted like you would expect a chili to be, and it was quite hot. despite the fact that i'm not a great blutwurst fan ... wow, it was good. My friend really enjoyed it too as he likes blutwurst ... no he's not a vampire :P
    thanks to priskas review below and the recommendation of the "Schokogateaux auf Beerenbett" we went for it and shared the desert .. again .. it was great! fresh berries and the cake itself were perfect. i'm not so much into chocholate, but that showed me that i should change my opinion ;)
    all dishes were nicely presented and just by looking at it we knew .. that's gonna be tasty!

    as already mentionend the menu is small, but i think everyone will find something. you could say it's a bit pricy though, as the main dishes range from around 8€ to 16€. for me this is never an issue, as quality has it's price. and trust me, you will for sure get something that is worth your money ;)

    i really enjoyed my stay there and will go there again very very soon =D

  • lilmy
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    • 16. Aug 2008

    a new favourite... beautiful interior, simple, classy, another architecture-cuisine highlight, which - admit it - we all love. the cuisine has been fantastic. the selection is small, which I like, and we had pretty much everything on the menu and liked all of it. personal highlight: the vodka we had with the waiter, who was a very likable and welcoming character ;)