ronahi Restaurant Lounge

Schottenfeldgasse 18, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Schottenfeldgasse 18
1070 Vienna
+43 1 9440333

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  • Floor Drees
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    • 28. Mar 2012

    I love the whole living room vibe going on upstairs. I wouldn't go to Ronahi if there's no place available in/on one of those comfy chairs or couches. They serve pretty decent meals (i like the 'vegetarisches Gericht') and there's wifi. Service is not always 'present'.

  • Rontsu2 R.
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    • 19. Feb 2011

    Very nice place.. Atmosphere is warm and lovely, wonderful place to just relax and "hang out", very comfortable seats.
    The waiters were really kind and friendly.
    My last and first time i was at ronahi was in year 2007 and im sure it has improved alot since then..
    So i assume it is even more greater place nowadays. Vienna is also very lovely..
    The funny thing is that my name is also ronahi..
    Where can i see pictures of this restaurant?

  • melanie
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    • 27. Jan 2011

    This is not the the place I go to when I am hungry, unless it is late and I pass Ronahi on my way home.
    The food is decent but nothing to write home about.
    What's attractive about the location is its size and comfortable couches, the wifi and relaxed atmosphere.
    Service is very hit or miss.

  • Absinthe
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    • 20. Nov 2008

    I love the comfy couches and wing chairs and the ability to just relax and lounge there. It is one of the most comfortable places I know and this is one of the reasons I still like going there.
    What I dislike about the place is the impossibility to make reservations (for birthdays), the somewhat sometimes unfriendly waiter (not all of them, mind you) and the fact that the food isn't always "fresh" it seems (could've been bad luck but still rather unpleasant).
    All in all, a comfy place where I can enjoy a cup of tea or two and have incredibly deep philosophical talks with friends.

    • hey now 2 stars because they don't allow bday reservations of the ENTIRE place? I'm very thankful they don't allow it, otherwise it would be reserved EVERYDAY for some lame ass birthday parties that are better at someone's FLAT ;) jk i know the real reason for the 2 stars, and the last time i ate there, i tried to order your dish but they didn't have anything left :(

    • Did I say ENTIRE place? ;)
      What I disliked about the reservation was the fact that I had to discuss the date the table was reserved for. One of the waiters claimed they knew exactly that this was the date mentioned because they were on the phone. What he didn't know is that he talked to me. And I know when my birthday is. And I had him spell out time and date three times. And they still didn't get it right.
      It's the second time a reservation wasn't made correctly. Bad luck. Twice. Can happen. The comment is merely from a very subjective view. My experience so far - hard to make a reservation and the food is sometimes risky to eat.
      As I've said - my bad luck but still worth mentioning.

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  • glenneroo
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    • 06. Nov 2008

    I dunno what's up with all these bad reviews for the service, i've been maybe around 6 times in the last year and almost everytime i've had really polite or really funny waiters who serve exactly what i ordered. The atmosphere is great, downstairs is more the boring "normal eating area" but upstairs is one of the most laid back lounge areas ever, somewhat reminiscent of the 70s everywhere - it reminds me of my grandparents living room, except it's 4 times as big and has a lot (10?) of comfy couches and (10?) fat lazy-boy-like chairs for long-time chilling pleasure. The only thing i don't like, which i won't hold against them, is that people can reserve tables there, and almost everytime i've been, it was already full and half the tables are reserved, even though the parties are coming in 1-2 hours, but if you sit down anyways the waiters are fine with it as long as you understand you gotta go eventually, which can horribly suck when you're all chilled and sprawled out on one of the übercomfy couches ;)

    ooh and try the fresh peppermint tee, yummmmyyyy!

  • last_shit
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    • 16. Jul 2008

    this is the perfect place to hang out with your team, working on some project (theyh ave wireless internet) or to chat with a friend you haven't seen in a long time. the couches are comfortable and you can have a snack. you can also have lunch there, I recommend the lamb - it's really good there (even though I'm not a meat-fan, I like it there).
    nice place. only, I agree - the service sucks.

  • Leni
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    • 29. May 2008

    very comfy and cozy sofas upstairs, free wifi, good meals at reasonably prices! I especially love the way they serve the rice. they mix some noodles in it and fry it. great! it's true that waiters are sometimes strange, but they were always nice.

  • Philippe
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    • 05. Jan 2008

    I've eaten at Ronahi once. The food was pretty great and not at all expensive, but the service was strange at best - when I asked the waiter for a menu, he gave me a bewildered look. A few minutes later he came back and asked "Have I been to this table before?". I ordered a drink twice, but it never arrived.

    Nevertheless, good atmosphere, free wireless, great selection of food, and I'll be sure to go back and check out the café upstairs.

  • littleweirdgirl
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    • 27. Nov 2007

    ronahi is a wonderful place for chilling. they offer lots of different meals. i like to hang out with my friends in ronahi. the groundfloor is with tables and chairs and above there are lots of couches to chill. there's only a strange behaviour of the waiters sometimes.

  • Lisa Max
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    • 30. Sep 2007

    Decent food and drinks, and a kingdom of couches and wifi on the first floor!

  • Scotty The Body
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    • 28. Sep 2007

    Cool place. I was turned onto it by a guy who knew I'd like it if he introduced it as the place where everyone was using Macs. Nice, mellow vibe, decent food.

  • c3o
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    • 15. Sep 2007

    This has got to be one of the most comfortable, laid-back places in town. The food's delicious if you appreciate mediterranean cuisine. They also have power outlets, Macs for rent, and free wifi -- so you can get some work done here, too. The only thing disappointing about the Ronahi is their website.

  • hellmood
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    • 11. Jun 2007

    Nice and relaxed place with very good food for fair prices. Coffee is good too and they have Dr. Pepper Coke which is not that easy to get in vienna.

    Some waiters are not that professional but always very friendly.

    One of my favourite places in the 7th.

  • stormgrass
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    • 02. May 2007

    Been there once. The lounging area really is quite nice, and the waitress that day really didn't know what she was doing.

  • Jurie
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    • 01. May 2007

    I've been here several times in the last few months. I liked the food and coffee, and the upstairs lounging area is very nice.

  • fabricci
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    • 02. Mar 2007

    i tried it today and had a very good menu with lentil soup and adana kebab for €6,90. both was very good.

    i will go there again.

  • Helge
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    • 24. Feb 2007

    Great turkish and kurdish food at unbeatable prices. Nice lounge upstairs. iBooks for €2 per hour.

    • They have wireless printing too! iBook + remote office!

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  • rodionabsurd
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    • 15. Jan 2007

    the ronahi is my favourite cafe/resti since i've been there the first time in july (2006). i love the first floor and especially the old couches and armchairs - something thats too rare in viennese cafes i think. it creates a real laid back atmosphere and looks much better than any lounge-cafe/bar with it's all too fancy - new - con-tem-po-rary de-sign style.
    plus the ronahi has a good assortment of various coffee as well as delicious - mike mentioned it - mediterranean food.
    the only thing i dislike are (quite new) the opening hours, starting from 5 pm to sometime during the week (i don't know it for the weekends). that's a little restricting.
    i didn't know that they've got DR PEPPER. man, i gotta go there soon again keeping this most important information in mind!

  • Mike
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    • 29. Nov 2006

    A surprising find, the Ronahi is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant hidden in a somewhat quiet street in the 7th. Interior is nice and clean, featuring 2 floors and comfortable, casual seating around darkwood tables with gentle music throughout.

    The food is filling and quite affordable, since it seems students are Ronahi's primary demographic. Oh, Ronahi provides free wireless internet, so, expect to be surrounding by a handful of students clacking away on their keyboards while downing a bowl of hummus.

    OH, one more thing, they have DR PEPPER on the menu. You Amerikanskis know what I'm talking about.

    • very comfy and cozy sofas upstairs, free wifi, good meals at reasonably prices! I especially love the way they serve the rice. they mix some noodles in it and fry it. great!
      it's true that waiters are sometimes strange, but they were always nice.

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