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Arbeitergasse 46
1050 Vienna
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  • Floor Drees
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    • 04. Oct 2011

    The Spezial Doppeldecker with (a whole!) vegan schnitzel, pickles and tomatoes was awesome and spicy. Rupp's messed up their order with the backery which was all the better for us: big ass burgers!
    Rupp's serves a 'beer of the month' and over 450 Whiskys (or so I've heard...).

  • fastdort
    • 18
    • 12
    • 06. Mar 2011

    Rupp's offers guided whisky tastings, I had my first one yesterday, and boy that was cool. Getting drunk while enjoying some stories about whisky :D

  • whatelse
    • 27
    • 17
    • 24. Sep 2010

    doppeldecker!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!

  • whatelse
    • 27
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    • 09. Jun 2010

    Love this place! Some great friends took a group of us here and we all loved it! Great selection of vegetarian food, which is awesome and a good selection of beers.

    I had the schnitzel sandwich and I was blown away!

    Great food and friendly staff. Can't wait to go back here once I move to Vienna!

  • JC
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    • Vienna
    • 13. Feb 2010

    Wonderful pub. It's small but you do have a general non-smoking area and a tiny smoker's corner, sort of. The food, though vegetarian only, is very tasty and you get a nice portion for a fair price. Best of all: there are over 450 Whiskys waiting for you to try them; Single Malts mostly.

    I almost forgot that they also have a nice selection of games. Board and word games, darts, tabletop soccer, etc.

  • mahali
    • 58
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    • 22. Oct 2008

    our favourite pub! my latest discovery was the szegediner gulasch with fantastic semmelknödel...our favourite drink is the kopparberg pear cider... also, it's a non-smoking place which is great, they only have a small extra-area for smokers ;-)

  • ilias
    • 77
    • 30
    • 27. Nov 2007

    yes this place is perfect. awesome gulasch, schnitzel and burgers! good down to earth flair and rock music. they also have around 400 different brands of whiskey and a good selection on beers.

  • melanie
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    • 27. Nov 2007

    I am a big fan of Austrian Hausmannskost and Rupps is absolutely catering to my need for vegan Schnitzel.
    oh yeah, did i mention already this is a small publike spot that serves vegetarian and vegan food only. heaven!
    their portions are generous, their food is greasy (in a good way) and the atmosphere is quite nice.
    make sure to reserve a table if you come in a big group, and if you enjoy booze try some of the whisky. they have enough to please the irish. all of them.

  • spanaut
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    • 51
    • 08. Nov 2007

    Rupps had the fanciest Halloween decoration I've ever seen live - spiders and cut-off heads falling down on guests, a smoky singing coffin moving on the ceiling - quite some stuff to watch!

  • andi
    • 14
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    • 02. Jan 2007

    best place to go for either a coffe or schnitzel. best schnitzel in town. and i am talking about vegan schnitzels. of course.

    and. you get entertained. there's been so many things that i have seen there, you won't believe it. good food, lotsa freaks. the only minus is that my hole body starts to itch when i'm sitting there for over 1 hour. they heve the flew or s/t :)

  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 23. Dec 2006

    I like this place, and I am not even vegetarian :)

  • Vlummi
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    • 05. Nov 2006

    i love their vegan schnitzel. i hate how long it takes them to cook their stuff :D

    actually, this is the right place to go to if you really need to get your belly filled up..

  • Wolfgang D.
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    • 04. Nov 2006

    Man their food rocks.
    If it the place was less dirty and less populated with weird people I would probably go there more often.
    But their gulasch really is legendary. They should start a delivery service :D

  • Mike
    • 201
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    • 26. Oct 2006

    Traditional Austrian recipes created vegetarian and vegan? Yes please! Rupp's is a special place, it looks like a traditional Irish pub, dark, smokey, with lot's of rock and folk on the stereo. Not someplace you'd think would feature some of the best vegetarian and vegan cooking in Vienna.

    The menu is 100% vegetarian and mostly vegan (everything is marked). Their vegan schnitzel is legendary and deserving of the praise and their vegan goulash is to die for.

    For those looking for a little alcohol, Rupp's is the spot. In addition to having a ton of beer and cider in bottles or on tap, they also offer 455 different types of whiskey. Yes, you read that correctly, over 455 different types of whiskey. Kiss your liver goodbye.

    If you're with a larger group, it might be a good idea to reserve a table ahead of time. In the later evenings it's impossible to get a table if you don't want to share one.