Schokov - Der süße Laden am Spittelberg

Siebensterngasse 20, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Siebensterngasse 20
1070 Vienna
+43 664 88513145

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  • imprints
    • 163
    • 19
    • over 2 years ago

    Any place which makes its principles and practices about chocolate, already has a bonus from me. Schokov is no different and fortunately, its products are also beautiful and taste good. I usually come here for gifts as the packages are very nice. Interestingly, they also cater but I have never taken up that option.

  • AJ
    • 36
    • 20
    • Vienna
    • over 6 years ago

    been there to get some choco-presents =)

    i really liked the store, the variety of chocolate is incredible
    prices are fine according to the high quality of choco you get there

    you need chocolate - you go there

  • Hubert M.
    • 14
    • over 7 years ago

    hi, back in town and back at schokov. just tried out the prestat truffles and they taste absolutely fabulous. but where are my rococo white berries? lost in wonka-wonderland?

  • Petshopgirl *.
    • 17
    • 3
    • over 7 years ago

    euer schoko & wein fest war der wahnsinn. bin voll auf die kakaobohnen gekippt. thanx 4 the 69 reasons to live. i luv ya! it´s so hot to shop like a pretty petty!

    • over 7 years ago

    simply the best choc shop in town. nothing more to say.

  • Hubert M.
    • 14
    • over 7 years ago


    i´ve tried the white berries and you´re absolutely right. one of world´s best. who thought that london will become the new empire city of chocolate?!? god save the chocolate queen!

  • smi
    • 10
    • 11
    • over 7 years ago

    You have to try out White Chocolate with Berries, that is just the best I've ever eaten. Absolutely delicious.

  • Hubert M.
    • 14
    • over 7 years ago

    stylish and sexy chocolate store, for me it´s just one of vienna´s extraordinary goodies. more than a lot of chocolate bars from all over the world (thinking about the grenada chocolate comp.) and -not to forget- best hot chocolate in town. definitly a hot spot, let´s call it a hot choco spot!