Tacos Lopez

Praterstrasse 55, 1020 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Praterstrasse 55
1020 Vienna
+43 699 12589266

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  • nobru
    • 5
    • 30. Aug 2010

    This one used to be the best Mexican in town.

    Unfortunately, as it already happened to Tin-Tan and Jalisco they couldn't keep the level.

    The meals are extremely artificially spiced, the 'costilla tacos' for example, you can't simply taste the meet, it taste like sweer-meet :-S. The portions got smaller, like the gorditas, they are 40% smaller than back on the opening days and they deliver your food under a mountain o salad in order to make it look like a big meal.

    It's really a shame because they had a great reputation but seems like the cooks are not really Mexicans or not really professional cooks. shame.

  • JC
    • 46
    • 9
    • Vienna
    • 05. Feb 2010

    Definitely the best Mexican restaurant in town. It's small and if you're not early you should have made a reservation. There are lots of different meals on the menu and quite a selection of Mexican beer. The food's absolutely delicious and very authentic. The service is very friendly.

    Oh, one advice: If you order your meal "hot", be ready for it to be "hot". I especially like the nachos and enchiladas.

      • JC
      • JC
      • 16. Jul 2012

      Well, the times they are a-changing. Suffice to say that my first review is more than two years old. To adequately reflect the changes, lemme say that Tacos Lopez has taken a turn for the worse. I don't enjoy eating there anymore. Service has degraded as well as the quality of the food. What a pity!

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  • Albert Bock
    • 40
    • 13
    • 14. Aug 2009

    Delicious, authentic Mexican food. Home made tortillas, really spicy salsas, rare delicacies like Cuitlacoche and... and... and. All in all lots of things you do not normally expect in Vienna, where "Mexican" restaurants are typically low-quality Tex-Mex joints run by people who have never been to Mexico.

  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 03. May 2009

    Very nice Mexican food. I'd write more but I have a reputation to uphold.

  • Absinthe
    • 68
    • 48
    • 02. May 2009

    Cosy place, friendly staff. We decided to pay it a spontaneous visit and they were able to fit us in. The food is delicious and authentic. The papaya juice was fresh, nicely cooled and extraordinarily tasty.
    It is also _the_ place to go shopping for ingredients.

  • Michael G.
    • 50
    • 6
    • 17. Jan 2009

    Been there yesterday. Nice mexican restaurant. Not cheap, but food was excellent.

  • Scotty The Body
    • 82
    • 35
    • 30. Jun 2008

    I love Tacos Lopez. It delivers, in my opinion, the best Mexican dining experience in Vienna.

    The food is mostly authentic and any quibbles I have with the menu items are a matter of preference. For example, I prefer my guacamole to be very simple: lime, avacado and salt. Tacos Lopez adds onion. I can deal with that, because at least, unlike every other Mexican place besides Jalisco, they use real avacados instead of powder mixed into sour cream.

    In short, this place is excellent. The service is friendly and the menu is diverse enough to feed any posse.

    Menu items to try include the plato (some of everything), the mole tacos, the tampiquena, the gorditas with nopales (cactus), the guacamole and the wonderful beer-mixed-with-chilis and lime: mechelada!

  • datadirt
    • 11
    • 25
    • 09. Jun 2007

    Vienna's best Mexican restaurant - and by far, that is. Tacos Lopez opened about a year ago; the cuisine is authentic and ranges from classic tex mex food to traditional Mexican dishes. Unlike in may other spots, dishes ordered "hot" get delivered hot - the excellent quality of the food (home-baked tortillas, fantastic sauces) soon turned TL into my fav spot. They also run a small shop, where you eg buy "Habanero Salsa", the serious big brother of tabasco and other Mexican stuff.