Tichy Kurt

Reumannplatz 13, 1100 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Reumannplatz 13
1100 Vienna
+43 1 60444460open now

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  • Jay G.
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    • 17. Jun 2012

    Agree with the review below - I think the place is overrated and there are plenty of other good ice-cream places around town.

  • imprints
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    • 22. May 2012

    Tichy has a very good reputation in Vienna, and is regarded as a good quality ice-cream parlour. I must say that my experience there was all good and sweet, but not divine, or the best in Vienna by any means. Sometimes I think reputations get ahead of themself in Vienna, but I would recommend people try it to judge for themself. I wouldn't go out of my way to try it personally.

  • Schnidelibue .
    • 50
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    • 12. Jun 2011

    Onf of the top 3 ice shops in vienna. Unfortunately a bit outisde and no idea why they never opened a second branch..

    Classic and famous for "Eis Marillenknödel" just great! But also a must try: Maroni Becher !

  • FuLong
    • 9
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    • 10. Jun 2009

    I´m loven it!

  • keinepanik
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    • 21. Nov 2007

    i went there once because i thought it was part of being viennese. first thing i noticed was how incredibly crowded the place was, but i got a place to sit outside. the ice cream itself, however, couldn't keep up with the public opinion - what i got was a tiny portion tasting like nothing.
    went there a second time to give it another chance, ordered something else, but it still didn't convince me. plus, the old-fashioned interior really isn't that charming.

  • glenneroo
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    • 21. Nov 2007

    I'm somewhat of an ice-cream addict (i love to wolf down a liter at a time, i'm somewhat of a glutton in the summer ;) and i can say that Tichy has some of the best Vienna has to offer. As soon as they open the doors (usually while it's still rather cold out, April i believe?) its packed full - always! It's never not full in fact, and if that doesn't say something for quality, then i don't know what does ;) I'm addicted to this place just like everyone else, i usually get a 1L box for about. 8 euro(??) which is about the norm in Vienna for hand-made ice-cream i.e. not that crap that all stores sell.

  • Peter E.
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    • 11. Nov 2006

    For those who don't know Tichy: It's a very famous ice cream saloon which exports ice cream to Japan and many other countries. Furthermore Tichy invented the infamous "Eismarillenknödel". They do not have any subsidiaries, so this place is unique! As well as the ice cream. No other saloon can offer such tasty and creamy ice cream.

    One bad thing: On a hot day you will wait for 15min to get ice cream because it is always crowed. But what can I say? It's more than worth it ;)