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  • Extremecarver E.
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    • 06. Dec 2012

    From okay to very good, seems to depend on the chefs.. Two weeks ago I had a splendid pizza.

    Drinks are too expensive, especially beer (only 0.3l draft available, no Kruegerl).

    The desserts are nice, but too expensive.

  • Floor Drees
    • 612
    • 222
    • 27. Mar 2012

    Normally I'm not much of a Vapiano-fan, but my pizza bruschetta was pretty awesome. And my table mate enjoyed his meaty pizza too, and he's Italian... So...

  • imprints
    • 163
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    • 30. Jan 2012

    Decent - fresh pasta, prompt service but it is not a traditional, sit down get served restaurant.

  • Curryg C.
    • 1
    • 18. Jan 2012

    We went last night without realizing what the system was. The decor looked really nice but when we tried to sit down (on empty seats) a grumpy guy came rushing over to say they were taken. My calzone had the most disgusting spicy sausage in it that ruined the taste of everything else. The pizzas had ingredients that a real Italian place would never combine such as figs, sun dried tomatoes and rucola. I thought it was expensive for what it was-basically a pizza McDonalds in disguise. It's a pity coz it looked so nice from the outside.

  • Scarlet777
    • 16
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    • 19. Jul 2011

    Nice pizza chain. I really appreciate the design inside, the red glass bottles, the basil pots on the table...The pizzas are really cheap but don't taste cheap. I really like the one with pesto (around 7€ I think). The desserts are also very good (pana cotta, tiramisu,...). The only thing is that you sometimes need to fight to find a table or get a chair from some grumpy customers who need a chair for their handbags...Still, I highly recommend, for this price it's really hard to find better, and you sometimes pay more in "real" Italian restaurants to get a pizza that doesn't taste that good.

  • Gem
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    • 08. May 2011

    Went there a few days ago. I was already there last year, but there was a reason of not going there again…

    First you come in and get some RFID-card, each and every customer (and their company, even if not consuming anything) has to take. You then go to a counter, it all feels like McDonalds (and I hate them). I can't tell how much I hate it. You then order food, the check booked to the card.

    I hate the atmosphere, the whole process of ordering and that this is an expensive version of an italian McDonalds. If the food was real cheap, I'd have no problem with feeling like the average McDonalds-customer. Paying arount 7 EUR for a pizza that tastes like from the deep freezer is not going to make me like this.

    The Tiramisu was okay, though. Also when I went there last year, the pasta was pretty much okay. At least they cook it freshly -- well they do make fresh pizza too, but it really doesn't taste like it.

  • Maxy K
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    • 31. Jan 2011

    Diavolo pizza is really tasty here and we go back just for that. Go early to avoid the really busy times...that said, when you order pizza they give you a buzzer thing that tells you when you food is ready which means you don't have to stand in line and wait as you do with the pasta and salads.

    Atmosphere is nice when not too busy, nice decor and no smoke!

  • Pepperdinepat
    • 49
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    • 30. Sep 2009

    pasta is OK, salad works as well - as mentioned before, the desserts truly rock! I have to admit, I find it too pricy, but since I work closeby I stop by on a regular basis (takeout, I hate waiting in lines!)

  • Sonny S.
    • 10
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    • 02. Sep 2008

    Great place to eat with a wide range of variety of Italian food. Price wise, it is not bad and economical.

  • Gessman
    • 9
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    • 25. Aug 2008

    Pasta today?

    It's some kind of a pasta-fast-food-restaurant, with great pasta and pizza. The desserts are delicious, served in glasses or preserving jars. Stylish!

    Only the price I've to citicise: 9,- € is too expensive for a self service restaurant pasta (they raised the prices half a year after opening).

  • Hubert M.
    • 14
    • 12. Feb 2008

    nice food. nice concept. nice people.

  • Flowerchen
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    • 03. Feb 2008

    Good pasta and pizza. The olive trees and the basilicum are great ideia =)

  • Helge
    • 62
    • 58
    • 07. Dec 2007

    Nice italian fast but not junk food. Tasty pasta, god coffee, nice after-lunch chillout area. Although I'm not a big fan of system gastronomy I'll probably have lunch there from time to time.

  • Esad H.
    • 22
    • 7
    • 27. Nov 2007

    Vapiano is what I call the "healthy fast food". It features really good pizzas and one of the best pasta bolognese (try it with "dinkel fusili") I've tried. I like the fact that you can have gummi bärchen at exit. That always makes my day ;-)

  • spanaut
    • 78
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    • 19. Oct 2007

    The atmosphere is too stressful for my taste, but good for a quick lunch/dinner after Mariahilferstraße shopping. And, as the other comments say, prizes are too high for self-service.

  • c3o
    • 56
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    • 15. Sep 2007

    Very cool atmosphere (I *love* that huge blackboard!), friendly cooks, short waiting times and pretty good pasta. The chip card system is a bit gimmicky and the food could be a Euro or two cheaper, but it's still a place I'd recommend.

  • enki
    • 11
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    • 26. May 2007

    god do i hate viennese waiters!

    this is how they usually waste your time:
    waiting to order: 30 minutes, waiting for food: 30 minutes, eating: 5 minutes, waiting to pay: 2 hours

  • Jethred A.
    • 25
    • 24. Apr 2007

    Vienna gets a branch of the fast-Italian chain.

    Food is really not bad, and the atmosphere can be quite pleasant.

    The chip card system - though criticised by some reviewers here - at least makes it possible to have a decent lunch during your allotted lunch hour! The problem with waiters in Vienna - at least sometimes - is that they have a habit of ignoring you when you need them most.

  • Jurie
    • 218
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    • 24. Apr 2007

    I find this place a bit overhyped, but that doesn't mean it's bad. Their chip card solves a problem I just don't have - what's wrong with waiters? The food is good but not excellent, so their way of cooking is a bit gimmicky. Admittedly, I didn't see this is as a fancy fast food place, but as a weird restaurant. It all depends on how you approach it I guess.

    However, their coffee is excellent and the decor and design are nice.

  • Renata
    • 11
    • 3
    • 23. Apr 2007

    I'm not crazy about fast food, but Vapiano is far from McDonald's! I love the modern, pulsating, lively and "on the go" atmosphere" it radiates. It's not a place for romantic dinner for two, but a great spot for "after shopping chat" while on Mariahilferstrasse.

  • ilias
    • 77
    • 30
    • 23. Apr 2007

    i have a strong love for fast food chains because i really like that specific social aspect that is involved in ordering food at such places.

    when i heard of the vapiano i was stoked and thought it was a good idea and i was not dissapointed. they have a chocolate cake to die for (it's called death in cocolate ironically) and their pasta is awesome and not too expensive (starting from 5,50 to 8,50)

    it's cool to watch the cooks preparing your meal and have a quick chat with them. certainly a place where i can be found sometimes.