Kontrapunkt - Bistro, Bar

Windmühlgasse 20/52, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Windmühlgasse 20/52
1060 Vienna
+43 1 5864888

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  • Michael K.
    • 98
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    • 23. Dec 2010

    The others already pretty much said it all, but it can only be repeated, our company Christmas party at Vinissimo was awesome!

    The team helped us out tremendously by accepting a group of 11 people on super short notice after our original plans didn't work out, and what they prepared for us was so amazing, you'd think they had planned for us all along. Superb food, great wine and excellent cheese - with fig mustard - accompanied by the explanations of sommelier Franz Haslinger made for a great evening.

    I want to try the lunch menus soon!

  • fadr
    • 21
    • 30
    • 23. Dec 2010

    Definitely one of the finest dining experiences I've had this year. The 4-course menu we had was incredible. The narrated wine accompaniment was fantastic and the stories proved to be very entertaining. I'd like to have my dinner narrated now all of the time please.
    Gonna be back there soon to check out their lunch offers.

  • ıʇsuoÉ”
    • 111
    • 70
    • 23. Dec 2010

    I've to agree with the other two reviewers, who I had the pleasure to dine with: the food, overall experience and atmosphere were superb! Franz Haslinger did a excellent job in explaining each and every wine's history throughout the dinner. Food was just perfect! The cheese was.. ..well.. ..incredibly good - to some extend definitely one of the best I've ever had (and I love cheese!).

    I've not been to Vinissimo before - but now that I've been there, you can be absolutely sure that I'll come back! Thanks for that great evening!

  • Nina
    • 43
    • 69
    • 24. Jul 2010

    Love the place and its slow food concept. Everytime amazed by the wonderful flavours and quality of the food. Daily changing lunch menus at a decent price.